Our Programs

Currently, GRACE is operating at an after school drop in facility in San Diego where we provide meals, rides, mentorship, victim advocacy, therapeutic art sessions, field trips, and more. This year we will be expanding our programming to offer job and career training, access to internships, financial planning, and more. Please see below for a detailed description of our current and upcoming programs. 

Each of our programs is open to at-risk, exploited, or trafficked youth ages 12-21.

GRACE Creatives

GRACE Creatives is a once a week therapeutic art session where we meet and facilitate a “safe place to connect and create.” Every week we try to bring new activities that our program participants can engage with and use to express themselves, grow in their artistic abilities,  and connect with us and each other in a healthy way. We encourage our participants to continue using their skills at home as a way of coping or even to sell and give away their art. 


GRACE University

GRACE University is  our newest program. The goal of this program is to connect our program participants with job, career, and educational opportunities and resources that will give them valuable skills that can be used in the workplace and in their life. Using our community partnerships, we hope to offer life and job skill trainings, as well as offer quarterly job and career fairs that will serve as a launching point to connect them with new and exciting opportunities.

GRACE Adventures

GRACE Adventures is a program where we are able to take our participants out on field trips and give them opportunities to explore, see, and experience new things. Examples of our most recent adventures have been beach outings and a trip to an Art Ranch. This year we hope to expand this program to offer equine therapy, gardening, sporting events, bike riding, surfing, and more!


GRACE Meals is a program we use to provide healthy, nutritious, home cooked meals to our program participants twice a week. We have registered volunteers sign up to cook hot meals and bring them to the drop in center. These meals help increase our program attendance, alleviate food insecurity, and help us build rapport with our youth. 

GRACE Closet

The GRACE Closet is a program we use to provide our youth with needed items such as clothing, toiletries, bedding, school supplies, art supplies, and more. We host this program as a pop-up event and create a store-like atmosphere for our participants to come and get essential items. Our volunteers are trained to help our youth find styles and sizes that fit them and we also are able to meet specific needs. 

GRACE Wheels

GRACE Wheels is a program where we are able to provide our youth free transportation to and from activities, sessions, school, appointments, and more. Our volunteer drivers are able to interact with and encourage our youth along the way and ensure that they arrive safely to and from our sessions and their homes.

GRACE Host Home Program

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